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Agricultural estate

Gut Schönweide covers about 280 hectares and is located in a protected landscape area. We cherish and care for this beautiful “cultivated” wilderness, try to leave enough habitat for the plants and wild animals living here and close the cycles as ecologically as possible. What we can produce and use ourselves, we do, even if it often takes more work.

About 100 hectares of grassland are managed, partly for pasture and for the best horse hay. Beautiful black alder, beech and oak forests and many Knicks bring firewood and wood chips and the deer and wild boar living in it from own hunting is a pleasure. The 3 large lakes are rich in fish and invite people, horses and dogs to swim. In addition to many insect and bird friendly shrubs and trees, various fruit, fruit trees and berry bushes have been planted for our own use. Snacking seasonally simply cannot be surpassed in terms of taste. Such an estate can only be managed with motivated employees who are involved and put their hearts into it – we are grateful to have a competent, great team.


Sale of hay

Best roughage is the most important basis for healthy horses. Accordingly, the care of our mowing meadows is very important to us. In addition to our own needs, we sell several hundred 1.30m round bales of hay from the first cut, depending on the weather.

Whether large or small quantities, please contact Wiland Jaacks.

Firewood and own hunting

With us you always get nice dry and well stored firewood – either mixed or pure beech, birch or alder wood from 30cm – 50cm. You can either load the wood loose yourself or pick it up on neatly stacked pallets at extra cost.

If you would like to try a piece fro a wild boar or a deer, then we can certainly help you. Please feel free to contact Wiland Jaacks.


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