Gut Schönweide is recognized as an EU – insemination station (veterinary control number KBP 195-EWG). Our general terms and conditions apply to all business relations between our customers and our insemination station.

  1. Breeding season 2022
    The breeding season starts on 14.02 2021 and ends on 31 July 2022.

  1. Service and insemination fee (prepayment!)
    The stud fee AND in foal premium = total stud fee for fresh semen must be paid in advance without exception. The semen will be shipped AFTER payment has been received. You can pay directly on our website after filling out the semen order form by direct bank transfer. Service and insemination fees are payable at embryo transfer for each flushed embryo. Shipping costs will be invoiced separately by mail.

    If the owner of the mare makes an unauthorized use of the semen or has it made with his consent (for example, insemination of unregistered mares, non-notification of successful embryo transfer, etc.), a penalty of €2,500 is due in each case.

  1. Breeder friendly splitting
    The stud fee of Euro 300.- is due in any case. The paid in foal premium of the chosen stallion will be transferred back to you in full in case of medically proven non pregnancy of the mare (original veterinary document submitted by the deadline 01.10.2021). Later non-pregnancy reports will not be accepted. The form “Notification of non-pregnancy ” can be found on our website.

  1. Semen orders
    We accept initial orders only via the fully completed order form on our website. We must receive the order by 10:00 am on weekdays and 9:00 am on weekends for same day shipping, with next morning delivery. Please be sure to give us a quick call before ordering semen/paying to make sure your desired stallion is available!!! Semen can also be picked up in person from us at any time by appointment.

  1. Availability semen
    Please request your desired stallion early. This will facilitate our planning and availability. If a stallion is not available at short notice due competitions, illness or force majeure, we offer to send frozen semen in sufficient quantity or to use another stallion of the station. In case of price differences, the stud fee will be recalculated or refunded. In the case of busy stallions, we reserve the right to limit the shipment of fresh semen to two times semen per heifer/mare or to deliver frozen semen.

  1. Frozen semen abroad
    Frozen semen are available for all stallions for shipment abroad by arrangement. Prices are the same as for fresh semen, but we cannot offer pregnancy splitting for frozen semen abroad. A stud fee includes a total of 2 inseminations with 4 sequins each. With advantage you agree with your veterinarian on an insemination flat rate. The shipping costs can be inquired for the inland and foreign countries with us. The used tubes (defective and remaining whole) must be returned with the container, otherwise an additional mating fee will be charged.

    TG semen remains the property of Gut Schönweides. In case of non-use, the semen must be returned. The semen may not be passed on to third parties or used on mares not intended for this purpose.

  1. Semen shipping / costs
    The shipping costs (Night Star Express) will be charged additionally in each case. The shipment (order day A) goes over night and is usually on the following day (day B) until 8.00h with you. On Sunday to Monday shipping is not possible.


Delivery from Tuesday to Saturday= Euro 36,50.-
Delivery on Sunday (postal code 20-25) = Euro 110.-
Delivery on Sunday (remaining postal codes) = Euro 150.-

Delivery only Tuesday to Saturday = Euro 95.-

Delivery only Tuesday to Friday = Euro 95.- (Delivery until 14.00h day B)

Delivery only Tuesday to Friday = Euro 95.- (Delivery until 17.00h day B)

Delivery to other foreign countries (fresh and frozen) can cause significantly higher costs. Deliveries for Monday as well as on Sundays and holidays are only possible by arrangement and are much more expensive.  Please ask in each case. Collections directly from us are always possible. When shipping abroad, there are additional costs for the official veterinary certificate.

  1. Transport damage, semen quality
    Each semen portion is produced, documented, filed and shipped by us with the utmost care and in the best quality. Each semen protocol is available for inspection at our company. Responsibility for semen quality and deterioration is transferred to the customer upon shipment or pickup. Any liability for transport damage or quality deterioration is excluded. Any complaints must be reported to us in writing immediately upon receipt.

  1. Station insemination, guest mares
    Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service. For the insemination of difficult mares, for insemination with TG or for embryo transfer, we recommend in our area, for example, the veterinary group practice Dr. med. vet. Simone Konopka in Hoffeld, Tel. 0172-1577126, where we ourselves have made very good experiences.

  1. Breeding certificates
    These must be submitted to the insemination station at the beginning of the breeding season and not to the breeder’s veterinarian. The breeding certificates will be forwarded by us to the responsible breeding association by the end of the breeding season at the latest. The shipping of the breeding certificates will only take place upon full settlement of all costs incurred.

  1. Definitive registration of the breeding stallions
    Since 01.01.2016 only tested stallions are eligible for registration and breeding. We cannot guarantee whether a young stallion will be able to compete at the respective test due to performance or health reasons and thus receive his provisional or final registration in Stallion Book 1. The risk of using still untested young stallions lies with the breeder.                                                 
    At Schönweide, the new three-year-old stallions Feivel, D`Asti, Falcon and Fabulé are currently untested and will complete their 14-, or 50-day test in fall 22.

  1. Offsetting of credit balances
    In case of outstanding invoices, we reserve the right to deduct them in case of a refund of the non-pregnancy tax. The breeder expressly agrees to this.

  1. Value added tax
    All our prices such as service and stud fees, boarding fees or transport costs include the current legal value added tax. This will be shown on all invoices.

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