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Horses have accompanied me from childhood and the love and joy of these noble animals was and is a daily incentive. I thank my husband for his constant support and for allowing me to live this passion.

We breed dressage horses for sport and buy outstanding foals for breeding every year in addition to our own offspring. Important for us are good mare lines with own performances; the brand is secondary. With 3 very good basic gaits, the back should swing, the horse should be uphill and forward oriented, the hind leg should step under powerfully and the correct conformation should show the desired riding horse points. A knee action is desired without overestimation. We do not compromise on character and working attitude. Daily handling and training are only really enjoyable with a motivated and intelligent partner.  Our ambition is that our horses can also be ridden by amateurs.

We have a special love for our stallions. With conviction we stand behind every carefully and critically selected sire and offer our breeders genetically interesting and healthy sires with the best riding and character traits at fair conditions, who themselves prove this with durability and consistency every day under saddle.

Stallions are also primarily horses with their diverse needs. Large and bright stallion stalls with direct paddocks, special social fences for interactions with the stall neighbors, rides into the countryside and daily, free exercise on dry paddock or pasture are a matter close to our heart.

The will to achieve long-term sporting and economic success is the basic prerequisite for running a successful business, but never at the expense of people, animals & the environment. We treat our animals with esteem, kindness and respect and take the responsibility of a horse- and age-appropriate rearing, keeping and training very seriously. Having time for each animal and its development is a luxury we allow ourselves and our employees and thus consciously limit the number of horses.

Daily grazing – if possible in groups and also in winter – is just as much a matter of course as the best hay for free disposal, individual concentrated feed distributed in small portions several times a day, good mineralization and tip-top clean and freshly bedded stalls.  Whether farrier, teeth rasping, vaccinating, worming or a necessary physio – from the foal to the stallion we look daily that our horses lack nothing. Only with happy horses can we also enjoy economic success.

In training, we are constantly guided by the wonderful quote from Egon von Neindorf:

“If your horse makes a mistake, look for the cause in yourself. And should you not find it, then search more thoroughly.”


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